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Crossref prefix: 10.37659

DOI prefix: 10.37659/2663-5070-

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Journal title: Business, Economics, Sustainability, Leadership and Innovations

Title abbreviation: BESLI

Foundation year: 2018

Web-site: https://www.besli.org

Frequency: 2 times a year (summer, winter)

Languages: English, Ukrainian

Founders: Private Higher Educational Establishment-Institute “Ukrainian-American Concordia University” (Ukraine), Public Institution “Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” (Ukraine), Concordia University, Inc. (USA)

Publisher: Private Higher Educational Establishment-Institute “Ukrainian-American Concordia University” (Ukraine)

Certificate of state registration: КВ No. 23506-13346 ПР issued on August 8, 2018

Indexing and abstracting: The journal is registered, indexed and/or abstracted in Google Scholar, Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, ISRA JIF, Journal Factor.

Aims and scope: Business, Economics, Sustainability, Leadership and Innovations publishes papers that augment the fundamental ways we understand, describe, model and integrate in an interdisciplinary fashion. The journal topics (business, economics, sustainability, leadership or innovation) are an explicit part of the journal’s purpose and the contents are interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical investigations. Essentially, BESLI is dedicated to applications of sustainability to business and economics through various forms of leadership and innovation. The broad mixture of the disciplines represented in BESLI creates a foundation for many bodies of knowledge that share common principles. BESLI juxtaposes developments in different sub-topics of business, economics, sustainability, leadership and innovation yet, casts a wide enough net to allow for multi-directional interdisciplinary discoveries that advance the science with original contributions and hopefully improve societies and the natural environment. In this way, scientific researchers may obtain fresh perspectives on common interdisciplinary principles and their respective disciplines.

Editorial policies: Business, Economics, Sustainability, Leadership and Innovations is a Creative Commons (CC) Open Access (OA) peer reviewed academic scholarly journal.

BESLI publishes original articles of individual authors or teams of authors. The editorial board policies and peer review as a transparent, independent, and professional editorial process are based on the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing. The editorial board strictly adheres to the anti-plagiarism policy and publishes only those articles that have been checked. In its work, the editorial board of BESLI is guided by the international ethical rules of scientific publications and adheres to the open access policy. BESLI provides full immediate open access to its content upon publication. Full-text access to scientific articles of the journal is presented in the Archives. There are no submission, publication, and reading charges.

Editor-in-Chief: Oleksandr O. Romanovskyi, D.Sc. (Economics), D.Sc. (Education), Prof.

The editorial board features representatives of Ukraine, USA, and Germany.

Editorial contacts:

Executive Editor Liubov Zharova, D.Sc. (Economics), Senior Researcher, Prof.

E-mail: lubov.zharova@uacu.edu.ua

Editorial address:

Private Higher Educational Establishment-Institute “Ukrainian-American Concordia University”

Office 1-4, 8/14 Turhenievska Street
Kyiv, 01054, Ukraine
Tel. +38(044)236-90-85
E-mail: rd@uacu.edu.ua

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