Humanitarian Wars are Implemented Everywhere, From the Sphere of Economics and Politics to the Nobel Prizes


  • Georgii G. Pocheptsov



humanitarian wars, information warfare, hybrid warfare, geopolitical stand-off, information space, virtual space, means of influence, disinformation, fake news, conspiracy theory, coronavirus pandemic


The article states that countries of the world make full use of all the tools on hand. Nowadays, when large volumes of information are transferred through social media by means of automatic bots, the world is facing a bloom of fake news and conspiracy theories, which became apparent in the context of the pandemic. Author pointed that Hybrid warfare appeals to the warring sides owing principally to the anonymity of the players. After all, everything that is happening in the wars may well be interpreted as a natural development of the situation. The paper identified three main directions that disinformation attacks are focused on: undermining trust in public institutions by re- porting on civilian disobedience in the attacked countries, narratives on the success of the pandemic response activities in the attacking countries, speculations over the coun- try of origin of the virus, for example that it is an American-manufactured bioweapon. The hypothesis of the paper that the modern world is changing many of our past skills and tools. This, among other things, fully applies to the impact on other countries which might, in the old fashioned way, be called wars but are rather struggle for domination. Even international sporting contests are regarded as military victory over a hypothetical “maneuver enemy.” Ukraine is under constant shellfire, when information operations are aimed to prove the fact that Ukraine is a “failed state,” while cybercorporations are designed to destroy the efficiency of banking, financial and economic spheres.


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