Evolution of Approaches to Organization and Management in the Hotel Industry


  • M. P. Denysenko
  • Yu. A. Shevchuk




management, organization, hotel industry, evolution


This article is aimed at studying the evolution of the hotel industry in the context of organization and management and arrangement of the stages of its formation as an independent type of business, which in the future will expand the ability to understand trends in this industry and develop new and improve existing management methods in this area. In modern society, the hotel industry is a major factor and basic component not only of tourism infrastructure, but also the service sector in general. Therefore, the problem of the evolutionary way of developing approaches to the organization and management of the hotel industry, especially in the context of the national economy, requires in-depth research to substantiate new principles and methods of hotel business manage- ment, develop ways to improve its efficiency and improvements. We can witness an evolutionary periodization developed regarding the upgrading of approaches to organization and management in the hotel industry, which consists of 12 stag- es. The authors substantiate the specific organizational and managerial features and characteristics of each stage. There is a revelation of the modern tendencies of the hotel industry development worldwide. The necessity for further research in the field of science is emphasized, as they will have significant prospects to be applied in practice both by individual companies and entire countries in terms of increased competition.


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